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Monday, June 11, 2007

Kentroversy Tapes Podcast # 03 (June 11, 2007)

The third episode of THE KENTROVERSY TAPES podcast features part one of a two part interview with Freeman Fly, the Internet truth-telling broadcaster, documentarian, and journalist. Freeman is the host of the award-winning television show THE FREEMAN PERSPECTIVE ... this guy is one of the most fascinating people I know!

KENTROVERSY TAPES PODCAST # 03 (JUNE 11, 2007) (Part 1 of 2)
by Kentroversy

A couple of years ago, I began to hear about this new face on the esoteric research scene -- Freeman Fly of quite an intriguing television show THE FREEMAN PERSPECTIVE. On his show each week, he would have on these guests -- some were famous, others, not so. But, all had interesting information to impart to the viewers.

I contacted Freeman in February 2006 about doing his show, as I thought that what he and I were both trying to accomplish was similar, and that I was interested to see what the result would be of my inquiring about an opening on his show. As it would come to pass, I was invited on THE FREEMAN PERSPECTIVE and appeared in the last week of March 2006.

This show is available both on the Freeman Archives website, as well as appearing here, on THE KENTROVERSY TAPES website, under March 2006, in the archives section.

Freeman Fly, the Internet truth-telling broadcaster, documentarian, and journalist -- is the host of the award-winning television show THE FREEMAN PERSPECTIVE ... This is TRUE MUST-SEE TV!

The subjects we discussed in this first of two parts were as follows:

  • How Freeman got his start with his TV show.

  • Freeman talks about his parents, and the interesting positions they held within the system of Freemasonry.

  • How Freeman became an award-winning, internationally known, television producer and journalist.

  • Why The Freeman Perspective is on hiatus, and when it is coming back.

  • Freeman talks about "Synchronistic events that come from a miraculous source, what I can only classify as devine."

  • Freeman's cross-country trip as the archetypal 'Fool' of the Tarot, and how when he came back home, he was no longer the Fool, but the Magician (of the Tarot, symbolically speaking).

  • Freeman talks about how the Universe provides when one surrenders themselves to serendipity, and he gives many examples of how this plays out in his own life.

  • Freeman discusses his essay 'Anna Nicole, Britney, and Mind Control,' and what feeling overwhelmed him when he was finished with the essay, and WHY.

  • Freeman and I talked about the Satanic Ritual Abuse similarities in the cases of Jon Benet Ramsey and Daniellynn Stern, the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, who was apparently "Thrown from the Freedom Train." This is a reference to the murder of a mind-control slave.

  • How Freeman got his TV show on in the community that house the single largest retired CIA population of anywhere in the USA, and how THE FREEMAN PERSPECTIVE came to be on WQXP-TV in St. Augustine, Florida USA.

  • We also talked about Freeman's recent cross-country research trip, which will be released on a forthcoming DVD, I am told.

  • How Freeman was able to predict 9/11 to the very day.

  • How Freeman was able to predict Bush Jr. being railroaded into office, many years before it actually happened!

  • Finally, we talk about Freeman's prediction for October 13, 2007 -- an important 700th anniversary date related to the purge of the Knights Templar by the King of France, in the year 1307.

Here is the streaming MP3 file of this interview:

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Kentroversy Papers - Freeman (June 11, 2007)
(Run Time: 1:05:38)

And here is the direct download link:

The Kentroversy Papers Episode # 03 - Freeman Fly (June 11, 2007) (MP3 Download)

Opening Song: Starrider - Foreigner (from 'Foreigner' - 1977) (excerpt)

Closing Song: City of Satan - Turbonegro (from 'Party Animals' - 2005) (excerpt)

© 2007 Kentroversy Tapes
All rights reserved. Used with permission.


The following sources were used in the creation of this Kentroversy Tape . . .

The Freeman Perspective website

Freeman Audio and Video Archives: 'The Freeman Perspective' and 'Freeman Radio'

EsoZone (August 10-12, 2007); Portland, Oregon USA

Rainbow Family of Living Light

Radio Freeman Archives - Revere Radio Network

Google Video - Blue Fly Productions (search results)

The Freeman Perspective with Kent Daniel Bentkowski (aka Kentroversy) NOTE: Please fast-forward to 5:00 mark, to beginning of show, which was taken from a raw feed.


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