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Monday, July 30, 2007

Kentroversy Returns To 'Occult of Personality' Podcast For A Special Report (July 30, 2007)

Returning for my fourth appearance on the 'Occult of Personality' podcast, host Greg and I talked about my own personal interest and studies of metaphysics, religion, and the path of magick. Both on a spiritual and intellectual level, these subjects have greatly interested me for most of my life.

by Kentroversy

Recently, I spoke with Greg of the 'Occult of Personality' podcast, about my own study and practice; as they relate to metaphysics, religion, and the path of magick. I have used the psychological aspects of the magickal system to heal myself, and stay healthy from multiple health problems, which I discuss in full during the interview itself. I have also used this self-same system to protect my son during my wife's pregnancy, who was born HIV negative, even though the odds were that he would be born HIV+, given the health status of myself, his father.

The WHITE MAGICK that I perform has involved the Archangels Michael and Raphael, and the results have been spectacular. I have been in FULL REMISSION as far as HIV is concerned, for the past nearly nine years now, and this is because of what I have done in spite of what the doctors warned me about -- that I was going to die from HIV unless I took every single pill of the numerous prescriptions I had been given.

In December 1988, I was told that within TWO YEARS AT BEST, I would die of AIDS. I do not need to remind you that this was NINETEEN years ago!

In July 1994, I was run down by a drunk driver in a hit-and-run accident, as I walked my dog home from a swim at the beach. I sustained significant injuries, and had nearly died. The Archangel Raphael, who is a healing angel, watched over me as I lay near death in bed for three months after the accident.

For those readers who THINK they know what magick is, I ask each and every one of you to listen to the interview linked immediately below, as you are going to hear about the TRUTH about this system, and not fear-based propaganda which has been designed to make you afraid, simply because it is different. Perhaps my favorite parts of the system is that it teaches self-responsibility, empowers the individual, and it teaches how to link the human subconscious with the quantum substructure of the Universe.

Here is what Greg wrote about this interview on his website:

In a very special episode, Kentroversy returns to discuss his own personal interest in metaphysics and religion and how this led to the magickal path.

Kent defines magick as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will … and the science of understanding oneself and how this relates to the world outside.” He discussed how this practice is connecting to the Divinity of the Universe in order to heal and protect. These concepts are fascinating, as Kent says, on an intellectual and a spiritual level.

To download and listen to this interview, please visit the link immediately below:

Kentroversy - Occult of Personality podcast # 22 (MP3 Download) (July 30, 2007)

As I explain in the interview, I author my own custom white magick operations; and I use crystals, gemstones, and precious metals as well. The crystals are used for direction, amplification, and circulation of energy. The crystals themselves are used as batteries, capacitors, and generators of the energy that is stored in them by those participants who are involved in the operation itself.

This is all to facilitate a connection between myself and what I refer to as the "Divinity of the Universe," which some may refer to as GOD. I have said on many occasions that all of these practices of mine are more closely related to the concept of QUANTUM PHYSICS, than it is to RELIGION. Spirituality and Spiritual Ascension is of paramount importance to me, while 'religion' is not.

I never needed any 'middle-man' to connect with the Divine ...

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