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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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by Kentroversy

Those readers who are interested can join 'The Kentroversy Papers' mailing list, by sending an e-mail to me at the e-mail address which appears immediately to the right of this announcement.

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NOTE: Anyone who has an e-mail address from either a YAHOO! MAIL or AOL e-mail account, will have trouble receiving my mailings. I keep getting UNDELIVERABLE MAIL bounce-backs from these particular mail services. So, if it is important to you to receive communications from THE KENTROVERSY PAPERS, please sign-up with an e-mail account OTHER THAN YAHOO! or AOL e-mail accounts.

AOL claims that they are receiving "substantial complaints" about my URL's, which is enough reason for anyone belonging to that ISP to resign, because AOL is a major enemy of FREE SPEECH, and they should be BOYCOTTED because of it.

Besides, do you REALLY still need your Internet with training wheels?!

Recommended e-mail services are HOTMAIL, GMAIL, and .MAC e-mail accounts.

P.S. -- I do not send out confirmation e-mails, but simply enter your name on the list! I hope everyone understands that I do not have that much time to send out confirmation e-mails.

Thank you for your understanding of this matter

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was released from the hospital on Monday, July 21, 2008 at about 6:30p. As you will read below, I need some serious spiritual healing energies to be directed my way, through this very website.

by Kent Daniel Bentkowski

After spending ten days in the hospital, I was discharged with a diagnosis of pleural effusion -- which is a fancy way of saying that I have fluid on the lung -- the right lung. I was NOT a candidate for surgery -- because the surgeons felt that there was a great chance that I might die on the table.

Instead of there being one big reservoir of fluid from which to draw, there happened to create 50-100 small pea-sized pockets of fluid. The doctor felt that he would cause more damage than he would help if he attempted to drain this fluid.

I also have HIV-related pneumonia ...

Bottom line is thus ....

The doctors, in the current state I am presently in -- have given me THREE TO SIX MONTHS TO LIVE ...

What do I think about this?


Rest assured, I am now in my 20th year post HIV diagnosis -- I did it before -- and I will do it again!!!!

Kentroversy = Down but NOT out!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Kentroversy Hospitalized!!

The Hepatitis C infection has really grabbed ahold of me, and later this morning, I am going into a local hospital for some extensive testing, which could NOT be done as an out-patient.

by Kent Daniel Bentkowski

Lately, I have been very ill with Hepatitis C infection, which poked out its' ugly little head about one year ago, when I was first hospitalized. Later this morning, I will be checking into a local hospital for some extensive testing, which will lead up to a very real possibility of surgery.

This is the main reason why there haven't been any articles coming from myself on this or any other website.

I want to thank all my wonderful readers and listeners of my podcast for all your patience and concern. I have received some wonderful e-mail that have been filled with best wishes, love, and healing energies.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Writer's Block?! You've Got To Be Füøkïñg Kidding Me!!

With all the stress of the various medical issues I am presently going through; Hepatitis C, HIV+, trying to repair a broken marriage, and of course, the many dental issues I am going though -- I seem to have developed writers' block!

by Kentroversy

After more than three years, and more than 500 Kentroversy Papers -- as well as nearly 25 reports published by MAYBE LOGIC ACADEMY and THE SPIRIT OF MA'AT -- as well as many other websites -- I have hit a brick wall -- I have developed WRITER'S BLOCK!

I attribute this to the many health and personal family issues I have going on -- which have caused great turmoil in my life. This is the reason for the lack of updates on my two websites, as well as my podcast.

This in itself adds additional stress to the situation -- and this is the first time since my writing career began in 1985 that this has happened to me -- so I do not quite know how to handle the situation.

In my ongoing policy of bring honesty to those who read and listen to me -- I am being honest here as well.

I am certain that what I most need is some rest and rejuvenation. Once this occurs, I am sure I will be back on the warpath -- fighting the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Until I return with more Kentroversy Papers Special Reports, and more Kentroversy Tapes Podcast episodes, please feel free to dip into my archives -- which are substantial and voluminous.

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Kentroversypapers.net Official Website of the Kentroversy Papers (Online since: June 17, 2005)

Kentroversytapes.net Official Website of the Kentroversy Tapes Podcast (Online since: April 17, 2007)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kentroversy Tapes Podcast # 47 (June 10, 2008)

This is the cover of a book which tells the truth about Rosicrucian-based mind-control.

by Kentroversy

This week, THE KENTROVERSY TAPES welcomes Pierre S. Freeman -- author of the book PRISONER OF SAN JOSE. It is a tale of mind control while Pierre was a member of AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order of Rosae Crucis). This group is more commonly known as the ROSICRUCIANS.

Pierre talks candidly about his coming to America from his homeland of Haiti. He talked openly about how he was subjected to AMORC-related mind-control -- and also how he was able to finally extricate from his mental imprisonment.

Also, before I began talking with Pierre, I spent a few moments telling how it is that Hillary Clinton will STILL end up becoming President in 2008.

For a streaming MP3 version of this interview, please see the Flash MP3 Player below:

powered by ODEO
TKT ep47 06 10 2008
with Pierre S. Freeman
(Run Time: 1:16:45)

And, for those who would like to download the MP3 file of the interview for later playback, please see the following link:

Kentroversy Tapes Episode # 47 - Pierre S. Freeman - Mind-Control and AMORC (Run Time: 1:16:45) (June 10, 2008)

I would encourage all interested in what Pierre S. Freeman has to say, to check out this book, it is certainly worth the time!!!

Opening Song - TELL THE TRUTH (excerpt) by David Lee Roth; from the album: 'A Little Ain't Enough' (1991)

Closing Song - FREE (excerpt) by Chicago; from the album: 'Chicago III' (1971)

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The Prisoner of San Jose - Pierre S. Freeman (Purchase here!)


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