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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Kentroversy on 'Occult of Personality' Podcast # 11

On May 9, 2007 -- the first hour of a marathon three-hour discussion between myself and Greg from Occult of Personality was released. The remaining two hours is scheduled to be released next week, in mid-May 2007.

by Kentroversy

On Friday, April 20, 2007, I appeared on the Occult of Personality podcast. Intending on an hour long discussion, the talk quickly became so interesting that Greg and I both agreed on the fly to keep the tape rolling, as it were. Three hours later, Greg and I had completed what is going to end up as a three-hour talk, by the time all three parts are posted online.

Friday, April 20, 2007 | 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT | 60 mins.

Talk-Radio Show: Occult of Personality podcast
Subject: Mass Media Projects As Magickal Operations
Interviewer: Greg
Website: Occult of Personality

In this interview, Greg and I talked about the magickal symbolism in various mass media projects. We spoke about Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin IV, which I suggest should be viewed as BOTH a talisman and a pentacle. In my opinion, this is the "most magickal" of all music releases, as it invoked many magickal energies in its' creation.

We also spoke about magickal graphic novelists Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, and their graphic novels THE INVISIBLES and PROMETHEA, respectively. We also discussed to what possible ends were these magicians working, and what they could have been trying to accomplish with their works.

Here is what Greg had to say about this interview on his website:

"Kent returns for the first in a multi-part series examining the concept of talismans and mass media marketing. This can take a benign form such as a popular rock music album.

Or it can take a more malevolent form as does some political marketing.

Kent’s expertise in these areas is invaluable. Listen as he breaks down the characteristics of these marketing campaigns and explains the connections between their composition and success.

The remainder of the series will be posted next week. Stay tuned."

These comments by Greg are very complementary of both myself and my work, which does appear to be gaining quite a foothold in the minds of those who seek truth in their lives.

After my first appearance on OCCULT OF PERSONALITY, the host Greg wrote the following comment about THE KENTROVERSY PAPERS in the show notes:

"Kent Daniel Bentkowski is a research journalist who writes The Kentroversy Papers and specializes in studying topics such as conspiracy, the occult, deep politics, and alternative history. His web site is quite popular as his investigative manner and writing style are extremely thorough. He has a knack for explaining complex concepts and events in a way that isn't confusing or patronizing to those unfamiliar with the material. This is likely due to his extensive experience scrutinizing these issues."
-- Greg; Occult of Personality blog site

This interview can be downloaded here:

Kentroversy on Occult of Personality podcast # 11 (MP3 Download - Part 1 of 3) (May 9, 2007)

What we discussed in this first hour were mass media magickal operations, and how they influence the marketplace, and the consumer mindset. Using PEPSI and COCA-COLA as two examples, we talked about the many consumer products that have non-English names. We also talked about the place from where the PEPSI name comes, and its' attendant malevolence.

Next, I spoke about LED ZEPPELIN IV as a TALISMAN, HYPER-SIGIL, and PENTACLE. Jimmy Page happens to be a high-level Thelemic magician, and many years ago, I studied his connection to magick and Aleister Crowley, to better understand one of my all-time favorite bands. I mentioned the steps that must go into the creation, the charging, and the consecration of the talisman -- so it may be used properly in the mass media space for which it was intended.

Next, we discussed the magickal graphic novels THE INVISIBLES by Chaos Magician Grant Morrison, which ran from 1994-2000 -- and Thelemic Magician Alan Moore's PROMETHEA -- which ran from 1999-2005. I talked about the books' magickal properties, and the effect they have on the reader, as well as the effect they had on me personally when I read them for myself. I am sure that these effects on the reader were intended by authors Morrison and Moore.

Naturally, the conversation turned to a film that Greg had recently been researching for himself -- L. Frank Baum's THE WIZARD OF OZ. Said by Hillary Clinton to be her all-time favorite film, there is quite a bit of Theosophical philosophy in the books and in the film. I also mention WHY as a small child, I considered THE WIZARD OF OZ to be a HORROR FILM, and why I still do, to this very day.

During the interview, Greg made the following statement about myself and Hillary Clinton:

"That's why, in my opinion, you are really the premier authority in terms of writing about Hillary [Clinton] -- because I don't get this information anywhere else."
-- Greg; Occult of Personality podcast # 11 (May 9, 2007) (38:03 to 38:16)

We wrapped things up with a discussion of how Hillary Clinton is using VIRAL MARKETING techniques on her Presidential campaign website. I defined the term, and gave the six major components of viral marketing. I then used my own website as an example of how the viral marketing concept works, and how Hillary's website contains all six components of VIRAL MARKETING.

Finally, as a bit of a preview of the rest of the interview, I mentioned the unpopular Iraq war, and how it does NOT represent the American people, and is really about BIG MONEY and BIG BUSINESS. The final two parts of the interview are forthcoming, and as soon as they are posted, I will let all my readers know through this very website.

© 2007 Kentroversy Papers
All rights reserved. Used with permission.


The following sources were used in the creation of this Kentroversy Paper . . .

Occult and Qabalistic Symbolism in Rock Music (November 9, 2006)

Hillary Clinton's Hidden Agenda of Manipulation (February 5, 2007)

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