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Monday, December 3, 2007

Kentroversy Tapes Podcast # 24 (December 3, 2007)

In this, podcast # 24 -- we have Dan De Bonis, the founder of THE FREEDOM SOCIETY -- a brand-new group which seeks to assist people in declaring their personal sovereignty in the public space. This is a new tool for patriots who are sick and tired of being bound by inauthentic laws passed by the Bush regime.

KENTROVERSY TAPES PODCAST # 24 (December 3, 2007)
by Kentroversy

It all began on September 23, 2007, when Dan De Bonis sat down to draft his own Declaration of Sovereignty. From there, THE FREEDOM SOCIETY was born ...


First conceived September 23, 2007 upon drafting The Declaration of Sovereignty, The Freedom Society quickly began to organize its message of welcoming all to participate in preserving Freedom. The primary objective is to promote freeborn sovereignty of which all men and women are granted at birth. It is our desire to preserve this sovereign status and remind people of their birth right to “opt out” of all inauthentic government law systems created by men; systems which have all become overwhelmingly tyrannical, showing all signs of an approaching dictatorship. Many people continue to awaken to this fact as we also witness massive moral decay and lack of concern to preserve Truth, Love, Peace and Freedom within current mainstream social systems. Social immorality has been spiraling out of control simply because the masses are emulating immoral “culture creators” within mainstream media and entertainment industries, as well as corrupt government institutions. This is a phenomenon known as mirroring the master’s reflection upon the slave; an absorption of filth gradually permeating into the herd from its filthy shepherd.

Government, as an entity, moves only in one direction, and that is to acquire more and more power until ultimately they develop into tyrannical dictatorships. There is no other direction for them to go and this fact has been witnessed and written about extensively all throughout history. It is only within the spirit of courageous men and women who are willing to preserve and protect Freedom within their own lives that we find valid opposition capable of defeating any tyrannical government. This is exactly what The Freedom Society is all about. It would be valid to state, the longer we wait to preserve and protect Freedom within our own lives, Freedom, altogether, continues to diminish at an alarming rate to a point where soon, it may be too late.

It is unfortunate that many people trust and rely upon government as an infant would a mommy or nanny. It is also unfortunate that many look upon government as a godhead, one who decides relative right and wrong. The role of government in a free society is solely to protect the rights and liberties of which all men and women are born with, not to assume the role of parent or god. Protecting the peoples liberties from foreign danger is the only other purpose of government in a free society and we must remember the wise words of Ben Franklin, “Those who give up Freedom for the sake of security deserve neither.” Giving up Freedom to protect Freedom is illogical and this is what we presently see happening here in America. We must also remember wise words from the man who drafted The Constitution, James Madison, “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.”

In America, we have lost all understanding of what freedom really is and how important it is that we protect it in our individual lives. We have been manipulated to see government as a child would see its parents; ultimately creating a society full of overgrown children completely reliant upon government involvement to survive. This is the overall objective of international government we see growing more and more prominent within national policy today, to secure its position as the sole provider of moral values and survival needs for all humanity. How dangerous it is to allow men in government to assume such a role. This is why those who are “awake” must act now! Since the current government and social systems we serve are completely inauthentic and corrupt, it is necessary to develop a totally new system completely independent from that which already exists. This new system must be founded solely upon Natural Law. Anytime Freedom is regulated by men in government we are in dangerous territory, which is why Natural Law can be the only moral foundation upon which to build our new system. Written upon the hearts of all honest, mature men and women lies this simple law system, which if adhered to honestly and maturely, produces a simple society of Truth, Love, Peace and Freedom.

Black's Law Dictionary (Seventh Edition; pg. 1049) defines NATURAL LAW in the following way:

A philosophical system of legal and moral principles purportedly deriving from a universalized conception of human nature or divine justice rather than from legislative or judicial action; moral law embodied in principles of right and wrong. - Also termed natural justice; lex aeterna; eternal law; lex naturae; divine law; jus divinum; jus naturale; jus naturae; normative jurisprudence; jure naturae.

For a streaming MP3 version of this interview, please see the Flash MP3 Player below:

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TKT ep24 12 03 2007
with Dan De Bonis
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And, for those who would like to download the MP3 file of the interview for later playback, please see the following link:

Kentroversy Tapes Episode # 24 - Dan De Bonis - The Freedom Society (Run Time: 59:57) (December 3, 2007)

I would encourage all interested in what Dan De Bonis has to say, to check out his website -- The Freedom Society -- which reveals many secrets of Natural Law and Personal Sovereignty, and is well worth your attention.

Opening Song - TELL THE TRUTH (excerpt) by David Lee Roth; from the album: 'A Little Ain't Enough' (1991)

Closing Song - FREEDOM (excerpt) by Jimi Hendrix; from the album: 'First Rays Of The New Rising Sun' (1970)

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The Center For Personal Sovereignty


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