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Friday, March 7, 2008

NWO Whistleblower Leo Zagami Betrayed By His Wife and Norwegian Legal Authorities

NWO Whistleblower Leo Lyon Zagami has been arrested and jailed in Norway for his continued reporting of the activities of the New World Order criminal network known as the Illuminati.

by Kentroversy

On February 23, 2008; Leo Zagami's wife left him, taking with her, their young son. As Leo would later find out, the woman he thought was his wife and who loved him, had turned out to have been working as an undercover Illuminati agent all along. When she left on the 23rd of February, she phoned Leo's mother, and told her that both she and her son would have no trouble visiting their young son and grandson. She has since reneged on this statement, and now forbids both her son's father and grandmother from visiting with their young relative.

On March 5, 2008 -- a man and a woman showed up on Leo's doorstep. Working for Norwegian authorities, they were instrumental in Leo's arrest and detention for twelve hours, where he was kept in a Norwegian prison cell with no blanket, no pillow or mattress on his bunk, and all food and drink had been withheld from him. Additionally, his two computers were confiscated, as was his cell phone, and all his notes for his work exposing this global criminal network.

Leo's wife, who had been working all along for the Illuminati, has accused him of spousal abuse, and his enemies have been accusing him of pedophilia. Leo is a personal friend of mine, and he is NOT anything like this at all. He is a gentle spirit, who is genuinely concerned about exposing this criminal network, as well as the fate of the world.

Certain quarters within the so-called TRUTH MOVEMENT have been attacking Leo as an agent of the Vatican, a Jesuit coadjutor, and worse. This is sickening to me, as this group of which by my own behavior, I belong to, should be the very people who would stick up for him, and it is most unfortunate that this is simply NOT the case. This shows that the TRUTH MOVEMENT has been infiltrated, and is now controlled by the very forces we are SUPPOSED to be united AGAINST. Most people have been dumbed-down and brainwashed so much, that they cannot discern for themselves, the difference between the real and true CIA operatives, COINTELPRO agents, Vatican agents, and Jesuit coadjutors -- and those of us who are honestly fighting these forces in the best way we know how -- through a peaceful resistance consisting of a blizzard of words.

Allow me to list a few of the ways in which someone can tell IF a person is on the up and up, or if they are an agent of some kind. I will use the example of Leo Zagami himself:

  • TRUE PATRIOTS do NOT pick fights amongst their own group, as Jeff Rense once said on his radio show -- they merely agree to disagree. Anyone who DOES pick fights, and indiscriminately attacks those who APPEAR to be their peers, is NOT whom they claim to be!

  • Those who infiltrate will ALWAYS refuse to discuss the area in which they work, even if doing so would mislead and misdirect people. In other words, a Vatican agent will NEVER discuss the Vatican, and a Jesuit coadjutor will NEVER discuss the Jesuits. If a reader suspects someone of being some kind of an agent, write that person, and lay it all out in front of them. You will be surprised with the response you DO NOT get from such a person!

  • Infiltrators ALWAYS begin by embedding themselves into the movement, and at first, they appear to make important contributions to the cause. However, this does NOT last long, as the agent eventually becomes turncoat, attacking everyone around them from within the infiltrated movement. They begin to pick 'divide and conquer' type of fights -- which greatly diminish the effectiveness of the grassroots movement or organization. The reson for this is quite simple -- if we fight amongst ourselves, we NEVER get around to going after the REAL criminal network!

  • Leo Zagami has NEVER engaged in anything even remotely resembling this type of behavior. His goals are ALWAYS stated, and he goes after the true criminal network, never straying from this. Before I began my association with Leo, I asked him a series of questions, beased upon my own familial experience of one female cousin of mine marrying into a local Illuminati family, here in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY USA area.

    Leo passed the 'test' with flying colors, and this is when I realized that we were both on the same side of things in this battle of literal GOOD vs. EVIL.

On March 6, 2008 -- Leo gave an EMERGENCY INTERVIEW of his current situation on the Ognir podcast. I have uploaded this 20 MB interview to my own server, and am making it available in the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE of this matter:

Here is the streaming audio of Leo's EMERGENCY INTERVIEW with Ognir (March 6, 2008):

powered by ODEO
OGNIR with Leo Zagami -
Concenring Leo's Arrest by Norwegian Criminals
03 06 2008
(Run Time: 1:27:52)

For those who prefer downloading this interview, here is the direct download link:

Ognir with Leo Zagami (March 6, 2008) (Run Time: 1:27:52)

I strongly encourage those readers of this website to listen to this interview, as Leo fully describes his current problems with the Norwegian authorities, who are acting on behalf of the New World Order Criminal Network.

© 2008 Kentroversy Tapes
All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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Blogger dan.t said...

Kent i am one of your most dedicated listeners along with red-ice and occult of personality you have the best show on the net that covers truth,

I have not commented before as i never felt there was anything to say that had not been addressed on the show..

I fully support the amazing new transformation that is occuring and feel that the internet is one of the main offshoots and instigators
of this.

Now about leo-- thank you for informing me i shall be sending alot of love his way now..

What is being done already ??

I am going to link your article and the interview at a few places and tell others but i am always available if you need a hand.... with anything.... i mean it.

If you need another researcher or someone to call someone else whatever ...i'm here.

you can contact me back through here or at


my name is Daniel Tatman and feel free to pass on this same message to leo or at least let him know when you speak to him next...

If you would like to see any writing by me to analyse my discrenment- ( which i would do ) -
check out the Micheal Tsarion Forum under symbolism ... look for ((dan.t))

I post there alot so just look at any of the new posts...

anyway i'm not advertising myself i am merely trying to show you a bit of my soul so you can trust me as i trust you - from having listened to your kind frail voice for hours.

much love

''i am you you ,are me there is no them only we''-herman hesse


March 7, 2008 at 5:14 PM  
Blogger dedroidify said...

wow that's pretty insane.
I hope his situation improves fast.
I also hope this news will make people wanna investigate his stuff a lot more!

those technorati links don't seem to work for me though?

March 7, 2008 at 6:18 PM  

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