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Monday, April 14, 2008

Kentroversy Tapes Podcast # 43 (April 14, 2008)

Kevin Booth's new documentary, American Drug War: The Last White Hope is the BEST Drug War documentary I have ever seen! A true masterpiece!

by Kentroversy

Kevin Booth, of Sacred Cow Productions, has just released the truth-telling documentary 'American Drug War: The Last White Hope' -- the BEST Drug War documentary I have ever seen anywhere!!

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with documentary filmmaker Kevin Booth, who has just released the most honest look at the true effects of the American Drug War, which has been showing on the SHOWTIME pay subscription cable and satellite TV channel -- and will continue to be shown in that venue for the next two years! However, the one thing that you will NOT be seeing on SHOWTIME -- are the three hours of DVD bonus features -- which include a one hour examination of Tommy Chong's imprisonment for selling glass over the Internet.

Kevin and I discussed HOW he had gotten the idea for this documentary film, and he told me a sadly sobering story of his own family and his best-friend, and how they all died because of LEGAL substances, such as cigarettes, alcohol, and legally dispensed prescription pharmaceuticals. Sadly, both of Kevin's parents, his brother Curt, and best-friend; the late, great comedian Bill Hicks, are all gone now, much to Kevin's own sadness. It was this very sadness that fueled his drive to complete and release this four-plus years in-the-making documentary.

Kevin was given some amazing access during the filming, which he said produced hundreds of hours of raw footage, all of which was whittled down into a two-hour film. Having moved to Los Angeles during production, Kevin was able to meet with a diverse cast of Drug War players, such as Freeway Ricky Ross, T. Rogers founder of the Bloods street gang, and many other Los Angeles street characters.

Kevin also met with Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Drug Czar General Barry McCaffery, and various police and court officials. He also filmed a interview with DEA Agent Cele Castillo, who spoke on camera about what he discovered when he worked for the DEA -- namely, that the hardest drugs such as cocaine and heroin were being imported by the CIA, in an effort to better control the inner cities of the USA, beginning with Los Angeles itself.

Kevin and I covered a great deal of territory in sixty-minutes -- as Kevin Booth is one of the most interesting guests with which I have ever had the pleasure of working.

For a streaming MP3 version of this interview, please see the Flash MP3 Player below:

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TKT ep43 04 14 2008
with Kevin Booth
(Run Time: 1:10:54)

And, for those who would like to download the MP3 file of the interview for later playback, please see the following link:

Kentroversy Tapes Episode # 43 - Kevin Booth - American Drug War (Run Time: 1:10:54) (April 14, 2008)

I would encourage all interested in what Kevin Booth has to say, to check out his websites - Sacred Cow Productions and American Drug War - both of which are well worth your attention.

Opening Song - TELL THE TRUTH (excerpt) by David Lee Roth; from the album: 'A Little Ain't Enough' (1991)

Closing Song - HAND OF DOOM (excerpt) by Black Sabbath; from the album: 'Paranoid' (1970)

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The following sources were used in the creation of this Kentroversy Tape ...

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Sacred Cow Productions Website

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Kentroversy Tapes Podcast # 2 - Kevin Booth Talks About Bill Hicks (June 4, 2007)

American Drug War DVD Review by Kent Daniel Bentkowski

Book Review: 32 Years On Planet Earth: Agent of Evolution by Kevin Booth (June 21, 2005)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your site, and your review of ADW, andBill Hicks and esp. your use of the Frank Herbert quote from DUNE.

April 18, 2008 at 12:13 AM  
Anonymous JM said...

Excellent show Kent, one of the best - thanks to yourself and Kevin Booth for an enlightening chat. Kevin's brave film deserves to win many awards.

His comments about the number of monthly deaths attributed to the legal but lethal drugs Big Pharma peddle compared to the death toll on 911, tragic as that was, are spot on, as are his comments about the havoc that alcohol use inflicts on the public compared to marijuana use.

May 5, 2008 at 10:46 AM  
Blogger Kentroversy said...

Greetings, JM:

Thank you for your kind words on my interview with Kevin Booth. The DRUG WAR is one of the MOST hypocritical things the AmeriKan government has ever done to its' citizens.

As he mentioned, Kevin lost THREE family members to LEGAL DRUGS such as alcohol (both his parents), and pharmaceuticals (his brother Curt).

That these KILLER SUBSTANCES can be legal, while the perfectly harmless MARIJUANA carries stiff prison sentences -- is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever known concerning this matter.

Besides, as the late, great BILL HICKS used to say:

"Saying that pot should be illegal is like saying GOD made a mistake!"

Amen, brother!

Warmest Regards,

Buffalo, NY USA

May 5, 2008 at 6:40 PM  

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